A few customer comments….

Hello. I just wanted to let you know I received the beautiful patchwork mask. I wore it today when I needed some shopping and it was fantastic. It fits beautifully and is absolutely stunning.

I ummed and ahhed about this mask as it was more money than I could really afford, but as I have poor health, but need to go out occasionally and had fallen in love with the mask, I gave into temptation! It’s lovely and I received it super quickly too. Thank you so much. No-one in the entire world has a more beautiful mask than me!

Take care and keep safe.

J x

Update: I wore the mask again today and so many people waved furiously in front of me, to get my attention and ask where I bought it from.



Thank you so much for dropping off the butterfly face mask this evening, that was very good of you, the mask is absolutely perfect and beautifully sewn.

Thank you once again.


Poole, Dorset

Well made, comfortable face mask with filter pocket (love the pattern!), fast delivery & excellent communication. The toggles are a great idea.

Bournemouth, Dorset

Masks arrived – very neat and comfortable to wear.
Thanks very much.

Wareham, Dorset

Just a quick note on your face masks: yours are by far the most comfortable I have come across. They sit really well on the face and don’t stick in your eyes when you talk! This one is the third I have ordered from you. Many thanks.

Bridport, Dorset

Just a quick message to say thank you very much for delivering the mask this afternoon and I’m very pleased with it. Certainly more comfortable and better quality than one I bought on eBay!


Poole, Dorset

Thank you for delivering the face masks this afternoon – they look ideal. It was delightful to meet with you, and I have very much appreciated your prompt and efficient service.


Poole, Dorset

William Morris said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

I like to think he’d feel the same way about masks. So, as I begin to venture out after months of shielding, I need face masks & preferably ones that are not only functional but beautiful too.

This mask is stunning (so many people have asked where I bought it) & fits the best of the 4 masks I have, from a variety of sellers. I’m prone to hyperventilating when a mask is too close to my mouth as I don’t like things over my mouth, but this fits closely to my cheeks & chin & has enough of a gap by my nose & mouth so I don’t breathe in the fabric, as I have with others.

The mask is a good length, & the elastic is secure around my head. I use kitchen towel as a filter. I hand wash it after use. 5*




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